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Embracing the power of Rainbow

What Pride On is?

Pride on is a virtual mentorship and guidance tool that enables people from the LGBTQ+ community to establish a strong candidature for a great start in professional journey. This bespoke initiative identifies the gap in knowledge and tries to bridge the same through dedicated sessions.

Journey of Pride On

There exists a huge employment gap between heterosexuals and homosexuals in Indian Corporate Field. Due to the past traumas and homophobic slurs queer people are exposed to, it leads to lack of confidence and inferiority complex that reflects during the placement session leading to lack of conversion rate.  Pride On aims to reduce this gap and build a network of Queer professionals who can further be the flag bearer of equal employment opportunities and healthy workspaces. Pride On has successfully helped more than 20 queer fellows achieve a total placement package of INR 5 million. Most of these are placed among the Fortune 500 companies and helping the community expand awareness.

20+ Fellows

 INR 5 Mn+ Gross value of CTC offered

66% from Tier 2/3 Cities

What We Offer?

At Pride On, we believe that everyone should get access to an equal platform. However, more than 32% of LGBTQ+ people face rejection or discrimination during  interviews. To bridge this gap, Pride On provides an array of services to give you an extra edge during your professional journey.

Resume Building 

Mock Interviews

Group Discussions

Case Study and Guesstimates

Math Teacher With Face Mask

Clients successfully placed in 

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